The CS7p is a two-way, full-range intelligent loudspeaker, intended for use in a wide variety of applications. Utilizing Adamson’s proprietary network platform, the CS7p employs a redundant MILAN scheme with the ability to daisy-chain networked audio between multiple sources, an analog XLR input and output, as well as on-board DSP and amplification. All features of the loudspeaker are controlled and monitored through Adamson’s proprietary AI software.

Acoustically, the CS7p contains 2x 7-inch Kevlar® Neodymium transducers and a 3” compression driver, loaded with either a 70° x 40° or a 100° x 50° (H x V) waveguide, each rotatable by 90 degrees. The dipole arrangement of the cabinet results in a stable polar response, meaning the CS7p can be easily paired to increase horizontal coverage and overall output.

The cabinet construction uses marine grade birch plywood as well as aircraft grade steel and aluminum, and is equipped with a male and female XLR connector, 2x etherCON connections and an in and through powerCON TRUE1 connection. The rigging system offers a wide variety of possible solutions. Please refer to the CS7p User Manual for further information.

Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) 80 Hz - 18 kHz
Nominal Directivity (-6 dB) H x V 70° x 40° or 100° x 50°
Maximum Peak SPL** 136.5 dB
Components LF 2x ND7-LM16 7” Kevlar® Neodymium Driver
Components HF Adamson NH3 3” Diaphragm / 1.4” Exit Compression Driver

Integrated Rigging System

Built-in Polemount Socket

Connection Power: powerCON TRUE1 Network: 2x etherCON Analog: 2x XLR
Height Front (mm / in) 527 / 20.75
Width (mm / in) 249 / 9.8
Depth (mm / in) 355.6 / 14
Weight (kg / lbs) 19 / 41.9
Amplification 2 channel Class-D, 2400 W total output
Input Voltage 100 - 240 V
Current Draw at 230 V 0.45 A rms idle, 1.6 A rms long-term, 9 A max peak
Supported Processing Onboard / Proprietary
Amplifier Channels

2 Channels, Class-D

Channel 1: 2000 W (LF)

Channel 2: 400 W (HF)

Max. Channel Output Power (All Channels Driven)

2400 W

Operating Voltage

100 - 240 V

CS7p Ultra-Compact Point Source Horizontal Bracket (934-0033) CS7p/S7p horizontal yoke
CS7p Ultra-Compact Point Source Vertical Bracket (934-0036) CS7p/S7p vertical yoke
CS7p Point Source H-Clamp (932-0045) Horizontal articulator clamp to be used with CS-Series/S-Series point source cabinets (max load: 200 kg)
CS7p Point Source Sight Mount (934-0035) Circular disk with multiple angle bar for CS7p/S7p/CS10p/S10p
CS7p Ultra-Compact Point Source Flight Case Twinpack (901-0011) Clamshell case for 2x CS7p/S7p
CS7p Point Source Articulator (934-0038) Multiple angle articulator to attach 2x CS7p/S7p/CS10p/S10p Horizontal Brackets.
CS7p Point Source Super Sight Mount (934-0039) Lifting hardware to attach CS7p/S7p/CS10p/S10p Horizontal Brackets.
CS7p Spec Sheet One page spec sheet for the CS7p n/a
CS7p User Manual Comprehensive User Manual for the CS7p n/a
CS-Series Brochure Product brochure for Adamson's CS-Series n/a
ADAMSON EASE Data V17 Complete GLL library for all Adamson products n/a


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