Adamson has developed a rack solution, configured to interface seamlessly with our E-Series loudspeaker products. All E-Racks are equipped with two or three Lab.gruppen PLM+ series amplifiers, featuring Lake processing and Dante™ audio networking functionality.

Audio Panel

The 19”, 2U Adamson Audio Panel is comprised of XLR in and thru connections (analog or AES/EBU), etherCON RJ45 connections (Dante™ and control) and both Speakon™ NL8 and Socapex output connections. Jumping signals from rack to rack is simple, for both analog and digital signals

AC Panel

The 19”, 2U Adamson AC Panel is available in two versions - 120 V and 230 V. The 120 V version comes with a single 3-phase L21-30 input socket, and the 230 V version comes with CEE 32 A 3-phase input and link connections. Each version comes with three hard-wired 32 A Powercon™ connections, as well as auxillary power plugs.

Cisco SG350-20

The SG350-20 exceeds the performance benchmark set by Audinate. Adamson has adopted its use along with specific configuratons designed to optimize transmission of Dante™ signals and Lake control data.

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