Network Distribution System (NDS)

The Network Distribution System (NDS) is a network and analog patch bay, that allows users to send redundant networked audio and control to CS-Series loudspeakers on a single network cable. The NDS combines Primary and Secondary LAN with 2 external Milan enabled switches.

• Allows for 2 XLR analog inputs, each splayed to three parallel outputs

• Accepts OpticalCON and EtherCON connections

• Combines Primary & Secondary LAN to a single cable, carrying redundant networked audio to the loudspeaker system

• Requires two external AVB Milan enabled switches for redundant operation

Connection 2x XLR in, 6x XLR out, 26x etherCON, 8x opticalCON
Height Front (mm / in) 88 / 3.46
Width (mm / in) 483 / 19
Depth (mm / in) 257 / 10.1


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