The S119 Subwoofer is the companion subwoofer to the S10. The enclosure is loaded with a light weight, long excursion, 19” ND19 Kevlar Neodymium driver utilizing Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture and a 5” voice coil for exceptional power handling. It is mounted in an ultra-efficient front-loaded enclosure, designed to reproduce clean, musical low frequency information.

The cabinet construction uses marine grade birch plywood as well as aircraft grade steel and aluminum, and is equipped with Speakon™ NL8 connectors. The integrated rigging system matches the rigging for the S10 and can be flown or stacked in the same array without the need for an adapter frame.

Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) 30 Hz - 80 Hz
Maximum Peak SPL** 138 dB
Components LF ND19 19" Kevlar® Neodymium Driver
Nominal Impedance LF 8 Ω
Power Handling (AES / Peak) LF 1200 / 4800 W

Integrated Rigging System

Connection 5x Speakon™ NL8: 2x Front (Pins 2 +/-), 2x Rear Paral- lel (Pins 1 +/-) and 1x Rear Output (Pin 2 to 1) 1x Speakon™ NL4: 1x Rear Output Link for Tops
Height Front (mm / in) 543.5 / 21.4
Width (mm / in) 742 / 29.2
Depth (mm / in) 630 / 24.8
Weight (kg / lbs) 47 / 103.7
Supported Processing Lake

**12 dB crest factor pink noise at 1m, half space, using specified processing and amplification

S119 Sub-Compact Support Frame (930-0020) Support frame for S10, CS10, S10n, CS10n, S119 & CS119 enclosures
S119 Extended Beam (930-0021) Accommodates greater array articulation
S119 Moving Point Extended Beam (930-0033) Extension beam with continuously adjustable pick point
S119 Line Array H-Clamp (932-0047) Horizontal articulator clamp to be used with S-Series/CS-Series/IS-Series line array rigging frames (max load: 200 kg)
S119 Extended Lifting Plates (932-0043) Lifting plates with fine resolution pick points for single point hangs (2 per set)
S119 Sub-Compact Subwoofer Dolly (938-0021) Transports up to 2x S119 or CS119
S119 Sub-Compact Subwoofer Cover (907-0027) 2-High cover for S119 or CS119 enclosures on a Sub-Compact Subwoofer Dolly (part no. 907-0027)
S119 Spec Sheet One page spec sheet for the S119 n/a
S119 User Manual Comprehensive User Manual for the S119 n/a
S-Series User Manual Product and Rigging Manual for the S10 & S119 n/a
S-Series Configuration Brochure A document outlining the factory recommended configurations for the S-Series n/a
3D CAD Drawings 3D CAD Drawings of all S-Series enclosures n/a
Adamson Amplification Chart V5.4 Displays the maximum amount of Adamson loudspeakers that can be used with approved amplifiers. n/a
Adamson Load Library V5.4 Adamson's updated preset library - Requires Lake Controller 7.0.0 or higher n/a


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