A single software platform which allows the user to design and deploy a system, all from a single interface. From room design and simulation to connectivity and diagnostics, this unified platform reduces the need for additional software in order to properly deploy and deliver complete audio systems.


Room Design

Design your space using basic geometric shapes. Users can create any environment from a basic field, to a complex structure. When arena or stadium design is needed, multi-point Extrude and Revolve surfaces will easily allow you to set multiple inclines and elevated surfaces with a few keystrokes.


After placing virtual cabinets in your room design, different aspects of their behaviour may be simulated, including 2D and 3D SPL.


Gain, Muting, Delay, EQ, and Grouping are all controlled on a single page, allowing you to build and fine-tune your system with as little friction as possible. Implement your changes on a per-box level or use control zones to shape the performance of multiple cabinet groupings.


Access input and output metering for all online devices on one page, so you can reliably determine headroom for your entire system.

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ArrayIntelligence is available free of charge.

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*Please note, ArrayIntelligence is not available for Mac*


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