Blueprint AV™

Choose from any of Adamson’s products and deploy them in your virtual space. Design is simple and easy, yet complex simulation options are at your finger tips. In a rush to hang your array? Use the Auto Shoot function and operate solely in 2D for even faster simulations. Putting together a large proposal for a client? Utilize our high resolution 3D simulations in a variety of ways - SPL, Time, Directivity, you can even place virtual microphones anywhere in the environment! Blueprint AV™ is now available as a native Java-run program for both PC™ and Mac™ Platforms.

Room Design

Using basic geometric shapes, anybody is capable of designing a space; from a basic field, to a complex structure. When arena or stadium design is needed, a multi-point extrude surface will easily allow you to set multiple inclines and elevated surfaces with a few keystrokes. The revolve surface is available for tricky rounded areas and can be easily joined to the extrude surface. Even basic geometric shapes have the option of arced edges, so getting stuck with blocky surface points is no longer an issue.


Placing virtual cabinets in Blueprint AV™ is simple and quick. The Auto Shoot function is available to easily determine how many cabinets are needed for a specific environment. Once your cabinets are hung, the Mechanical tab will tell the rigging team all they need to know. The desired level of precision is set by the user, with fast results for complex designs. Grid size and resolution are both dynamic. Use the capture function to save multiple simulations for easy comparison.

Download for Free

Blueprint AV is available free of charge. Choose your operating system through the link below.

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